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Promotional Mediums for MSMEs & Startups

Promotional Mediums

Promotional Mediums for MSMEs & Startups

Traditional Marketing:

A startup or a medium scale enterprise requires to promote their business. The main purpose is to make public aware about their product dealings, services offered and operations. There are several ways and means through which they carry out the promotional work. Often traditional means of advertising through handouts, newspaper and magazine ads and wearable are adopted. The modern day marketers are using digital medium as the source to reach out to the more connected world of users.

Through internet as a medium they channelize marketing of their products to the users across the globe. They use device such as smartphones, personal computer, pdas and other devices to get the latest updates on products and listings.

Digital Marketing:

Direct Marketing:


Yet another means of promotion work that startups and the small scale industries often adopt is in large scale public gathering. Exhibitions and parties, trade shows and meetups events often witness large crowds particularly inclined towards knowing and purchasing the business/ product.

Public Space:


Awareness and the visibility are the key to any business success. Whether it is a startup or an enterprise only when they are known and visible to the intended audience and manage to show the genuine benefits of their product/service to their prospective customers; they would eventually win the deal.

In how many is your company engaged in?

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