Social media plays an important role in awareness creation. It provides the best mode of communication to many organizations in the present world. It involves the use of social networks such as Televisions, Facebook, websites among other broadcasting techniques. Social media builds an ideal environment for interaction where people can meet and share their ideas. Communication in social media covers a wide area since many people are accessible to the information, for instance, many people can access information posted to a Facebook page. The information posted can be spread to many people over a short period of time. Advancement in technology has played an important role in improving social media communication. People who are a distance apart can communicate with each other as if they are close to each other. Many organizations have utilized social media to communicate their agenda to the mass.

Social Media provides an ideal method of awareness creation since most people are accessible to television in the present world. The advertisements are made at a given interval period of time repeatedly so that many people can acquire the information communicated in the advertisement. For example, How Coronavirus is infected how it will be a cure, how many countries or states are affected in that, what precautions will have to take comes under social media awareness. The main purpose of these news channels is not to cover the story but to tell the world how they can keep themselves safe and how many precautions they have to take to stay healthy.

Similarly, when it comes to e-commerce brand awareness, social media is a powerful tool for reaching a vast audience. E-commerce brands like August Bioscience and Guppy Moms can harness the potential of social media platforms to showcase their products and communicate their brand messages. They can use visually appealing content, engaging posts, and targeted advertisements to reach potential customers and create brand awareness.


They also use various resources like TV Actor, Actress or Film Industry Actor, Actress to promote and advertise how the public can keep themselves sanitize and also motivate and update us through Insta, Facebook, Snapchat, and lots more apps through videos, hashtags, etc… Many hashtags are also famous like #stayhome #staysafe or #Beat the coronavirus #Santize your hands and whatnot….

The Internet is used by people of all ages and therefore it forms one of the major mediums of communication and is used to replace the TV advertisement, magazine, and newspaper advertisement because of their limited coverage and lack of standardization. Online advertisement does not limit the volume of information that can be posted on the net and therefore, it allows any person to give a full description of their activities.  Information presented in this manner will reach the biggest percentage of people in the whole world including people who are not accessed on the network.

In social media, people share their thoughts and emotions about events in the real world. Such events might be explicitly mentioned or implicitly referred to in their posts. For instance, some social media posts might explicitly include a link to a news article they would like to discuss whereas other posts might express the users’ attitude on some events without citing those events. In many inference problems for social media data (e.g., sentiment analysis, opinion mining), it is crucial to determine the corresponding realistic events to fully understand and explain the trends and phenomena in social media (i.e., connecting social media with the real world). One example is that social media posts concerning implicit events where the absence of the implied events would clearly impede an accurate analysis of the posts.

As a crucial platform for human dynamics and activities, social media content can be mined in multiple approaches to determine how individuals connect and share information as well as purposefully move across scales and resolutions. Social media is a really convenient and important communication network for all people nowadays. We can use it to know friends and keep in contact with friends that came from different countries. We can also share our ideas so quickly so that all the things could develop so fast because people could tell us their ideas and we could improve it immediately. We could also learn new things on social media by watching or reading the things that people shared on social media. People could also sell things on social media freely which could reduce the expenditure of advertisements. My essay writer helped me understand these dynamics even better, emphasizing the multifaceted role of social media in modern communication when we were writing a paper for my college.

There are more advantages to using social media, however, there are always advantages and disadvantages to a thing. As social media is too convenient for people, almost most of them don’t even have to ‘speak out’ to communicate with people. No longer will people lose their communication skills. The more serious problem is many people utilized the power of social media and used it to bully someone. The power of social media is also the same as the one in real life. A little of them used social media to do things that are against the law, which is foolish behavior.

Social media changed our life so much. Our life became more convenient because social media is a very useful tool for us in the 21st century, it could help us to improve our life. However, we have to be aware of how we use them. If we could use social media smartly, having social media will become a good change for us.