Welcome Back! Continuing our list of in-demand technical skills for the future, this blog would consist of the next 5 skills in the field of technology. As it is a continuation of Part 1 of the blog, make sure you re-visit part 1 (click here).

1. UX/UI Design

User Experience or User Interface design, both being quite similar but still has a few important differences between them. The objective behind designing a user experience is to encompass users’ interaction with the company through the user interface for the software/app/web page. In part 1 we have various points where we magnified on the importance of application, web pages, and software for start-up, businesses, and companies. UX/UI design comes from the same school. Designing User Interface or User Experience is critical for each company, it brings out and defines a very vital identity to the world.

If the promoting customers is increased through UI/UX, it benefits the company in a various manner.

More the dependence on the web increases, the more it will increase the race of innovation and evolution in the field of software, applications, and web pages. So, the demand for UX/UI designers will keep on increasing until then. UX and UI design have also started catering outside the tech field, although its dominance remains on the tech side itself. With disruptive innovations like AR – VR – Voice Command etc, the role and demand of UX – UI in the future is quite exciting.

2.Cyber Security

This field would be having the shortest reign as an industry in our era. Although in this year and the decade to come, its demand would be booming. The role of cyber security is particularly important and hence it will stay in demand. Until Artificial Intelligence has evolved to replicate humans in that corner. Currently A.I is very costly for getting the job done and hence the rise in Cyber Security jobs is real.

A few years back there were more than 1 million job vacancies over the world for this role, and for years to come the demand graph has only gone up.

Online/Offline learning platforms have seen a desirable rise in young talent scouting to learn courses based on cyber security.

The data breach is the most famous crime in these times and the saddened reality of it growing is the main reason for the increase in cyber security jobs. Initially, there were few top tier corporate giants who started focusing on cyber security as an area of job, but now governments of all the countries have it in their priority and so do the small-scale companies and start-ups.

Hence, if you are interested in this field and have not taken any step forward – This is the Time!

3.Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a system that allows transferring data over a network without a human to human or human to computer interaction. The system has interrelated computing devices, digital and mechanical machines which allow the ability to transfer data. In simple language, it is an extension of internet connectivity into everyday physical devices and objects. It can communicate and interact with the internal state of the device.

IoT has started and soon will bring an economic revolution. Many corporate giants of the IT sector have created devices that connect easily. They also have huge teams that constantly working on innovation and evolution of the eco-system. These devices and increase in innovation have brought IoT to small and medium sector players from the earlier top tier players. The number of connected devices under the smart label keeps on increasing and soon it will be into billions and trillions. This would disrupt the demand for IoT and would also increase the income of currently working individuals.

IoT is again coming from the same school of learning and implementing programming languages and technologies. It is the safest career option as the only way this eco-system is going is up!


Blockchain technology is the next thing in the growing list of technology. A tech that is used for recording the provenance of digital assets through a decentralized system and distributed collection of financial accounts.

Blockchain tech has been in demand for the last few years and it is believed that all sorts of companies in the future would adopt blockchain technology for themselves. Job opening like blockchain developer which also has subsets in it is regularly increasing on the online job portals. The most exciting part is the amount of income this opening has for it. The ratio of applicants to selected employees for top giants like IBM, Accenture, etc. is massive and so is their paycheck. According to data, the demand for blockchain developers increased by 517% globally!

One of the reasons for blockchain technology’s disruptive growth is because it offers 3 very precious virtues to the companies – Trust, Security, and Transparency. Because of this, tech which years ago was only used in some rare industries now has taken over real estate, healthcare, and education to name the few. This rise in industries adapting to a blockchain is also the reason for its growth in demand.

It is easy to say these demands will increase as the scouting for talent in this field is still getting challenging. Online and Offline learning platforms tend to see a huge rise in people applying for the educational course related to this field.

5.Cloud Computing/AWS

Storing data and on-demand availability of resources whenever required were crucial problems a few years back. And to cure the same problem, Cloud Computing was born. It started helping in on-demand availability of resources and data storage of users without any active management by the user. AWS world is the most comprehensive and universally adopted cloud computing platform known as Amazon Web Services.

Since the last few years, most companies have started migrating their data and resources onto cloud platforms. Because of this major amount of adaptation of cloud computing, careers in this field have seen a significant rise. Also, as the data breach cases are increasing in number, various cloud computing services signs ups are gradually increasing. At the end of the day, every company wants to secure their data. This increase in usage and adoption has made an improper ratio of supply and demand with respect to talent and work in this field. Therefore, becoming a dominating field in demand of talent.

With the constant increase of investment in this technology for AWS or Microsoft Azure etc. the demand of professionals who can work for these platforms and infrastructure is also increasing. An important point for this eco-system is also that its development is directly proportional to the development of technology in our lives. Hence for the decade to come, it would be one of the leading skills in demand.


These were the remaining skills from the list that we started from the previous blog (part 1). Technology as a field will keep on growing, a constant process of innovation and evolution will keep changing this list of important in-demand skills. But we are sure the ones that we mentioned would always be in demand at least for the decade to come!