While the entire world is on social media, various companies marketing game is on-point. There are different strategies and types involved in the field of marketing/branding and advertising Eco-system. As you would know the basics of it, we are here to share insights on what is the future for a few of the strategies and types. And furthermore the future of the marketing Eco-system. As you could see the title, this blog is divided into 2 parts. In the 1 st part we emphasize majorly on two major types of marketing. The ones which has made some loud noise in previous years.

Personalized Marketing

Since the inception of personalized marketing in 2007, the last decade saw a disruptive growth in the implementation of personalized marketing. Terming it as the “new” strategy, the majority of the marketing sector started receiving good amount of ROI. Here’s the list of a trend that personalized marketing might experience in the coming years.

Entire Customer Flow to be Personalised.  (End to End Journey of Customer)

Many companies have already started integrating personalized strategies for each flow of the customer’s journey. For example MG Motor using artificial intelligence to keep the car accustomed to consumers before and after the journey. Such implementations of end to end customer journey would be seen in the future.

Digitalization of Physical Spaces.

There are many stores, showrooms, etc. which can utilize digital marketing for increasing their sales. Through this, stores/companies/showrooms can create a virtual journey for customers. Even consumers can experience “virtually try” products. This can generate a huge amount of ROI for companies.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned in Customer Flow Personalization and Digitization of Physical Spaces, Artificial Intelligence will play a very vital role in the future of personalized marketing. Through machine learning, AI has the potential to gather data and read emotions of customers with respect to their behavior for the required product and service. In the future through AI, investments in Marketing, Advertising would increase by great numbers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has been increasing its importance and reaches in the eco-system for quite a few times. The importance of smart/creative/quality content has increased over the course of many years. Here what you can expect in the future from this sector of marketing.

Social Media

Integration of Inbound (with good content) along with social media is the ultimate superpower in marketing. The majority of companies are using the same combo for getting the best ROI. Social Media in the future has a lot of things in the box. It is disrupting and innovating itself periodically from year to year. Hence as the new innovations arrive in the future, marketers would be ready with its integration and experiment with Inbound marketing.  Billions of people use social media every day and the number is gradually going to increase in the future. Hence to engage and attract your customer this shall be the most viable and traditional way in the future.

Video Marketing

Consumers are attracted and convinced a lot more by video content as compared to content written or shown through images. This strategy has already shown results in few companies and in the future again every company has to use this to improve the user experience as well as the conversions in the sales team. By being visually attractive, the company would increase consumers’ empathy for the product/service. Majorly there would be an increase in client retention by serving them in the best way possible and marketing the long term relationships through a visually attractive and informative video. (i.e. testimonials!)

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

AI is designed for getting and retaining more amount of consumers. Its effect on consumers is more than even they themselves can imagine. In the future, AI could study a large amount of collected data of consumers and accordingly shape the strategy and quality of content for their company.

As AI adds value to the backend of the company’s marketing strategy, Virtual reality will play a vital role in providing value to consumer and client relationships during the entire process. A consumer would be able to experience the entire service/product applications virtually and share their insights on the same. Making it more beneficial and customized for consumers. E-commerce segment would benefit the maximum by implementing virtual reality in their inbound marketing strategy.

Darüber hinaus erfreuen sich KI-Technologien in verschiedenen Branchen immer größerer Beliebtheit. Nehmen wir zum Beispiel Online-Casinos: Spieler können dort mit lebensechten virtuellen Casino-Umgebungen interagieren, verschiedene Spiele ausprobieren, Wetten platzieren und Freispiele gewinnen – und das alles bequem von zu Hause aus. Bald wird KI die Welt beherrschen.


Personalized Marketing and Inbound Marketing are the two main pillars of the marketing Eco- system. As you could see the trends in each of the fields, you can start studying and applying the same for your company. Furthermore, the creation of a trend is always because of endless experiments and agile innovation in the process. So, even you can study the strategies and experiment a few things with your team. You never know what might end up in our blog as a new trend for the entire marketing/branding and advertising eco-system.

Also, stay connected to the website as we write part 2 of the same topic. Many more trends of different strategies included there.